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July 5th 2008

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Hail on July 5th 2008   

We couldn’t have asked for a better caterer for our event.  You are the ultimate professional, extremely gracious, and an invaluable resource.  You offered us one of a kind personalized service.  When we heard our site had changed (two weeks before the wedding!), we were frantic, but you calmly guided us through it.  Then, on the day of the wedding when it hailed (!), you and your staff worked tirelessly to make our wedding seemless.  We probably don’t know half of what you and your staff had to go through, but we heard it involved digging a trench – well out of the scope of your contract!  We can not say enough about how much we appreciate all you did for us… and, on top of it all, the food was amazing! 

Megan and Jeremy Ogrady                                 Digging a Trench